Ngurah Rai Airport Arrivals (DPS)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Singapore (SIN) KLM KL835 (2) 07:25 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Air France AF8220 07:25 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Garuda Indonesia GA9000 07:25 Scheduled
Surabaya (SUB) Citilink QG694 07:25 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink QG420 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Garuda Indonesia GA420 (4) 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Etihad Airways EY7115 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Philippine Airlines PR3280 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Turkish Airlines TK9379 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Vietnam Airlines VN3954 07:30 Diverted
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU748 07:40 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Batik Air OD177 (3) 07:40 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Emirates EK3451 07:40 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Etihad Airways EY5616 07:40 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Turkish Airlines TK8187 07:40 Scheduled
Jakarta (HLP) Citilink QG194 07:45 Scheduled
Ujung Pandang (UPG) Lion Air JT747 07:55 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Batik Air OD157 (3) 08:00 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Emirates EK3468 08:00 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Etihad Airways EY5614 08:00 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Turkish Airlines TK8177 08:00 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink QG666 08:10 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) AirAsia QZ507 08:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Jetstar JQ116 (1) 08:20 Scheduled
Perth (PER) KLM KL3538 08:20 Scheduled
Surabaya (SUB) Lion Air JT920 08:20 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU744 08:35 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ946 (3) 08:40 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Garuda Indonesia GA9074 08:40 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Lufthansa LH9792 08:40 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) SAS SK8047 08:40 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink QG660 08:50 Delayed
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF43 08:50 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Garuda Indonesia GA416 (6) 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) All Nippon Airways NH5541 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Bangkok Airways PG4310 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Etihad Airways EY8156 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Japan Airlines JL6923 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Turkish Airlines TK9362 08:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Vietnam Airlines VN3256 08:55 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia AK370 08:55 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Batik Air OD171 (3) 09:00 Delayed
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Emirates EK3457 09:00 Delayed
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Etihad Airways EY5615 09:00 Delayed
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Turkish Airlines TK8185 09:00 Delayed
Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ37 (1) 09:00 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) KLM KL3534 09:00 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink QG690 09:15 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) AirAsia QZ816 09:30 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU738 09:40 Scheduled
Surabaya (SUB) Citilink QG662 09:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ35 (1) 09:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) KLM KL3531 09:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA95 09:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF45 10:00 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) AirAsia QZ810 10:05 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE633 (2) 10:10 Delayed
Seoul (ICN) Delta Air Lines DL7803 10:10 Delayed
Seoul (ICN) Garuda Indonesia GA9961 10:10 Delayed
Gold Coast (OOL) Virgin Australia VA83 10:15 Delayed
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK398 (2) 10:20 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) FlyDubai FZ6398 10:20 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Garuda Indonesia GA8854 10:20 Scheduled
Perth (PER) AirAsia QZ545 10:20 Delayed
Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ90 (1) 10:25 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) KLM KL3833 10:25 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA65 10:30 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR960 (7) 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Alaska Airlines AS5785 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) American Airlines AA8293 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) British Airways BA6360 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Iberia IB7970 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) JetBlue B66540 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Oman Air WY6093 10:40 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Virgin Australia VA6396 10:40 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Garuda Indonesia GA424 (1) 10:45 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Etihad Airways EY8096 10:45 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) TransNusa 8B5104 10:50 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Jetstar JQ127 (1) 10:50 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) KLM KL3542 10:50 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) TransNusa 8B5110 11:00 Scheduled
Xiamen (XMN) Xiamen Air MF891 (1) 11:05 Scheduled
Xiamen (XMN) Garuda Indonesia GA9724 11:05 Scheduled
Hangzhou (HGH) Sriwijaya Air SJ1185 11:10 Delayed

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Flight Arrivals at Ngurah Rai Airport

The Ngurah Rai Airport international terminal was inaugurated in 2014, and lies within ca. 13 km distance of the town of Denpasar and ca. 2.5 km from Kuta. The total area of the International Arrival and Departure terminal spans ca. 28.630 m².

As well as counters for car rental companies, the International Arrivals area provides passengers with banking and money exchange, catering and restaurants, retail outlets and a travel agency. There are also public shower facilities. Taxi counters in the Arrivals area, directly behind the customs area, offer passengers onward travel with both metered and un-metered fares. Just outside the terminal is a pick-up area for the local bus services that take visitors to nearby resorts and towns. A bus ticket starts at around 3,500 Rp for a single journey.

The Arrivals area includes amenities like the Prasarana Airport Travel Agency, the Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan restaurant and Bank BNI counter. Currency exchange can be handled at the Wahana Money Changer, which is open from 5.00 am to 1.00 am.

Between them, the Domestic and International Terminals handled more than 22.8 million passengers in 2017. Airlines flying in and out of Ngurah Rai International Airport include Indonesia Air Asia, Batik Air, Malindo Air, Garuda Indonesia, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Xiamen Airlines, Air France and Lion Air. Destinations to and from Bali's main airport include Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, Surabaya, Badung, Bangkok, Auckland, Gangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei.

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Useful details about Bali Airport terminal services - Currency exchanges, ATM's, showers & Duty Free